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Janet, Stephanie, & Mike

Compassionate Legal Advocacy

Experience, Empathy, and Expertise in Family Law Matters

Our Team of Legal Counsellors

At Old Town Advocates, P.C., we believe that excellence in legal advocacy starts with listening. Wise guidance requires creative thinking combined with a strong knowledge of Virginia family law cases and statutory law. We focus on the word 'Counsellor' in our role of representing clients, providing sound, compassionate, and practical legal advice to achieve your goals.

Stephanie, Janet, & Michael

All of our attorneys have been recognized with awards from the Prince William County Court.

Our Approach

The combination of skills and backgrounds among the attorneys at Old Town Advocates, P.C. allows the firm to provide a wide range of legal services while maintaining the highest level of expertise in specific fields of practice. Although every case has one lead attorney, all clients receive the combined expertise and experience of all members of the firm.

Stephanie Stinson, Esq.
Janet Ours, Esq. RN

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Our Practice Areas Include

Adoption Symbol | Old Town Advocates
Finding a forever home for every child.
Divorce and Family Law |  Old Town Advocates
Divorce & Family Law
Child-focused representation in family law conflicts and transitions.
Estate Planning and Healthcare Directives |  Old Town Advocates
Estate Planning & Healthcare Directives
Planning for all stages of life, including illness, healthcare, trusts, and wills.
Health Law |  Old Town Advocates
Health Law
Navigating the complexities of healthcare regulations and compliance and standards of care.

Criminal Defense Law

Old Town Advocates, PC is pleased to announce the addition of a criminal defense practitioner to our team!

Go See Michael C. Fasano under "our Team" on this website!

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